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Welcome to Chaparral High School's Girls Volleyball

As always it was another exciting and competitive tryout for our teams this year and we want to congratulate you for making one of our prestigious teams!


This year we are making it easy to get registered and show your amazing commitment to our girls volleyball program! Below is a link to our Team Store which has our Commitment Packs. These Team Commitment Packs are making it easier for both our PSG and our families to plan for the season! Please take a moment to complete your registration by selecting your team Commitment Pack and make your all inclusive volleyball payment for the season! 

Team Commitment Packs

Our Meet the Team Dinner will be an exciting night to find out more about our Girls Volleyball Program and meet the coaches and athletes who made the team! We will be reviewing the Team Handbook, a brief review of the Player Code of Conduct and talking about the schedule for the season. You can review these documents in advance. 

Team Handbook

Player Code of Conduct


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